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This is primarily why we have adopted a basic set of core political values, which we not only declare as being fair, open and democratic, but we will always consider these core values when it is necessary for us to take notice of political influences in a story.

Core political values: Additional notes: The outlined political views of Freedom Publishers Union are based on the data and facts available to us at any given time.

STAFF MEMBERS Amit Gautam (Spokesperson) - Associated Persons Not Publicly Disclosed Due to the 'sensitive' nature some of the content published on Freedom Publishers Union and ongoing potential of legal threat against our Organization and operations, we CAN NOT disclose the Names, Contact details or the Email address(es) of specific persons associated with Freedom Publishers Union.

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Relevant information associated to the new additions has been published to the website.

Politics also play a major part on the stories that we cover and the articles that we publish.

We publish information based on real facts, along with the politics that surround the story.

CONTACT US To contact our Spokesperson, please send to Secure/Anonymous Contact We can also be contacted securely via encrypted service Whats App.

Just add our cell phone number 61 402650018 Freedom Publishers Union Social Media To view our OFFICIAL Facebook Page, please visit https:// To view our OFFICIAL Twitter account, please visit https:// Tecseek Technology Social Media To view our OFFICIAL Facebook Page, please visit https:// Please note: The social media accounts listed above are the ONLY official accounts authorized to be associated with Freedom Publishers Union and have been authorized by GC Media Publishing Management.

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