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In the coming weeks, gay dating apps, like Surge and Scruff, discovered they were no longer able to advertise. For companies that have been unable to be approved on Facebook, some look to other social networking channels.

HER, a lesbian dating and social networking app, was approved, but the new policy limited its reach. Surge purchases Twitter ads and uses influencer marketing with You Tube creators.

“They had us all come down and answer, ‘How do we keep dating on the platform without having the Wild West that it is now? The policy required all dating companies to apply to be a white-listed advertiser.

That decision frustrated dating companies, as the applications would be accepted after Feb.

For dating apps in particular, details on gender, sexual preference and relationship status allow for narrowed targeting to potential new members. Facebook’s “algorithm rewards advertisers that have high click-through rates.

When you’re advertising to males, showing more skin can win.

Ads for “dating sites with a sexual emphasis are not permitted,” according to the rules. Now that HER is approved, again, Exton said her team dedicates about 60 to 70 percent of the marketing budget to Facebook.The downgrade could encourage more page owners to pay Facebook to boost their posts into the news feeds of users.The problem is, not every page owner is able to advertise on Facebook due to its restrictive ad policy. Facebook introduced restrictions in early 2014 on the dating industry that required all companies, no matter the size, to be pre-approved.Bumble said it was “thrilled” and could “explore ways to collaborate.” Joey Levin, chief executive at Match Group’s parent company IAC, said, “The water’s warm.” Turns out, it may be a little too warm.Facebook’s entry into any space — just ask Snapchat — can spell doom for those already in the industry.

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