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They are also banned from working within 1,000 feet of a school or a child-care centre.Since the church at the end of Ms Whitaker's street houses a child-care centre, she was evicted from her home.The second group could reasonably be barred from living or working in certain places, said the board, and the third group should be subject to tight restrictions and a lifetime of monitoring.A very small number “just over 100” are classified as “predators”, which means they have a compulsion to commit sex offences.When not in jail, predators must wear ankle bracelets that track where they are.Despite the board's findings, non-violent offenders remain listed and subject to a giant cobweb of controls.Her husband, who worked for the county dog-catching department, moved with her, lost his job and with it their health insurance.

As of December last year, there were 674,000 of them, according to the National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children.

Another 30% were potentially threatening, and 5% were clearly dangerous.

The board recommended that the first group be allowed to live and work wherever they liked.

In the end Georgia's courts stepped in and suspended the bus-stop rule, along with another barring sex offenders from volunteering in churches. All parents want to protect their children from sexual predators, so politicians can nearly always win votes by promising curbs on them.

Those who object can be called soft on child-molesters, a label most politicians would rather avoid. Every lawmaker who wants to sound tough on sex offenders has to propose a law tougher than the one enacted by the last politician who wanted to sound tough on sex offenders.

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