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Interestingly enough, throughout the different break-out sessions and debates a common theme developed: user acquisition. Focus on users “Why doesn’t every dating site run an affiliate program?How do you go about finding your clients a soul-mate, dinner companion or exotic mail-order bride? In the modern world of Tinder flings, romances and Groupers, what is the key to making it all happen? ” I suppose I am biased, but seriously, why don’t they?Sure, love is nice and all, but when it’s publicly traded on the stock market and raking in some serious coin, When your skeptical friend tells you that all dating sites are the same, know that they’re basically correct but for the wrong reasons.After all, finding love isn’t just part of life — it’s also a business!Those in the business of helping others find love (or at least someone to go see a movie with), have the good fortune of being a part of an evergreen niche. You need a central location to manage and track your performance marketing program? I’m not going to bore you with the Has Offers elevator pitch or sell you on how amazing our tracking technology is, mostly because I think that just goes without saying.Thanks to the likes of Shakespeare and Nicholas Sparks, the quest to find love will forever be a part of human nature. BUT, I will tell you that performance marketing is good for business and key to attracting the all elusive user. If you are running a dating site, or any site for that matter, and you do not have an affiliate program now is not the time to settle.   Email us: [email protected] to Alli and Jen: https://twitter.com/alligold https://twitter.com/joonbugger Call the show and leave a message!

Pof Dating is the online dating site for women and men looking for dates, loves, fun and relationships and marriages.You are not required to submit any information you are not comfortable with.All your personal information can be private and anonymous.Sure, there are the “norms” out there looking for love the traditional way, but the millions who are single and/or ready to mingle will pony up their hard-earned cash for a subscription (or view a bunch of ads), all in the name of love.When two major companies took notice of this business model, however, they changed online dating for good…by purchasing and creating as many dating sites as they could.

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