Employee dating guidelines

Sexual harassment can come in various forms,including visual (such as cartoons and pornography), verbal (lewd jokes and unwanted advances, for example) and physical (groping).

The possible claims that can arise from an office romance are virtually endless.

Many experts say it’s important for companies to have policies in place that address junior-senior relationships.“The main purpose of the love contract is to limit employer liability in the event that the romantic relationship ends,” she explains.“As part of the contract, both employees agree that should their relationship end there will be no work-related retaliation and they will not sue the employer for sexual harassment.Global management and strategy consultant Kathleen Brush says when a company she’s working with doesn’t have a policy expressly forbidding superior-subordinate relationships, she lobbies hard to get one in place.“I do this because [relationships] can cause a lot of damage. They are dead ringers for cascading violations of integrity.” One of the major concerns regarding junior/senior dating is that there may be an element of coercion.

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