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Neocon Globalists generally further their objectives through deceiving the populace and using military force— including by implementing ”false flag” attacks on their own citizens for creating fear to justify invading other countries and for reducing the rights of their own people.Both Republicans and Democrats can be ”Neocon Globalists,” and confusion often arises as many individuals most commonly known simply as ”Neocons,” such as George W.”Neocon Globalist” is a phrase referring to a politician or member of the global elite who has an objective of achieving world domination through military and economic means.

Those who are mostly known for having affiliations with Neoconservative views are known as ”Neocons," and those mostly known for affiliations with Neoliberal views are known as ”Globalists.” However, the reality is that nearly all ”Neocons” and ”Globalists” are actually ”Neocon Globalists,” who share a similar hybrid of the two views, with most trying to conceal their affiliations with the opposite view of what they are generally known for being affiliated with.

Currently, nearly all well-known major politicians in both American political parties are actually ”Neocon Globalists.” ”Neoconservatism” is a theory of United States imperialist military interventionism which has a history dating back many decades. Video: President Dwight Eisenhower’s Farewell Address to the Nation Video: Paul Wolfowitz - PNAC and the ”New Pearl Harbor”Video: The Iron Triangle - The Carlisle Group Excerpts from a Wikipedia Article Discussing Neoconservatism This video clip discusses David Rockefeller's involvement in creating and funding many Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) objectives, such as cultivating Latin American leaders who could be counted on to support Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) objectives.

David Rockefeller had a central role in the drive to found a network of various groups to further the FTAA, including forming the Council of the Americas, The Americas Society, The Forum of the Americas, and The Institute for International Economics.

According to Beautiful People.com, "an exclusively beautiful" online dating service, Britons rate among the world's ugliest people — pipped only by Russian and Polish applicants to this "elite" international site.

South Africans, it seems, have yet to register on the Beautiful People-meter Britons are among the ugliest people in the world, according to a dating website that says it only allows "beautiful people" to join.

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