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Yellow stool can be caused from the food you are eating, but often is the result of a bowel movement passing through your digestive track far too quickly.

When this happens you are left with something that will range in color from French’s classic yellow mustard to the somewhat spicy ballpark stadium mustard.

Yellow jackets fold their wings lengthwise when at rest.

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Growing tomatoes requires a warm spot that gets lots of sun and minimal wind, with loose, well-drained soil.

Perhaps most importantly, they are lower in acid than red tomatoes, and some companies have even developed almost acid-free varieties.

For people who love tomatoes, but suffer when they eat acidic foods, yellow tomatoes can be a good middle ground for salads, pizzas, sauces, and any other dishes where tomatoes may appear.

Some people prefer to work in a greenhouse to grow tomatoes, especially if they live in a changeable climate, although the plant can be grown outdoors in the summer in most temperate zones.

The plants should be staked for support as they grow, to keep the developing fruit away from the ground where it could rot, and when watering, gardeners should be careful to avoid splashing the leaves and fruit.

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