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If you don’t believe us, read this column titled, “Credit Score Obsessed?

Don’t Be.” It’s by Barrett Burns, the CEO of Vantage Score Solutions, one of the biggest credit scoring companies there is.

was in rough financial shape as the 2012 holiday season drew near.

Our would-be role model gleefully announced to the public that he had achieved the perfect credit score.

According to a news release that he issued for public consumption, along with a screen shot of the 850 credit score that he got for free with his Discover card statement, this exercise in self-aggrandizement was inspired by his desire to “motivate, inspire and educate others; it is not intended to brag.” When our correspondent, Christine Di Gangi wrote a piece chiding the less-than-modest declaration of perfection, since anything above 800 is relatively meaningless in the quest for getting the most out of credit opportunities, the CEO of a consumer reporting company (our 850 man) – or his representatives — responded: “It should come as no surprise that Christine Di Gangi is asking everyone else to set their personal credit goal below the standard of excellence.

And then, in case anyone missed it, a real-time chronicle of where they are, what they are doing, the food groups they are consuming and shots of their room and the view they are enjoying when standing on their balcony.

While these examples are highlights, these folks are not alone by any means.

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