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Not only does the New Document dialog box preview how a selected layout will look, but it also provides three options in the Layout CSS popup: Add to Head, Create New File, or Link to Existing File.they are using (e.g., desktop browser, voice browser, mobile phone, automobile-based personal computer, etc.) or constraints they may be operating under (e.g., noisy surroundings, under- or over-illuminated rooms, in a hands-free environment, etc.).feature to discover you have destroyed valid code in every document, a good back up is a helpful thing, so I recommend you do the same before attempting my solutions.The first step in replacing an existing template is to make a copy of the outdated template and give it a new name. After you have created a new page design for the site’s new layout, save the new page as a template in Dreamweaver (choose, which will also exist on your new template by default.However, this document focuses on accessibility and does not fully address the related concerns of other Activities.Please consult the W3C Mobile Access Activity home page and the W3C Internationalization Activity home page for more information.The English version of this specification is the only normative version. The list of known errors in this document is available at

Some of the strategies discussed in this document address certain Web internationalization and mobile access concerns.If you select an HTML file as the Page Type from the second column in the New Document dialog box, the Layout column displays a variety of CSS-based page designs.The fourth column in the New Document dialog box displays thumbnails of the page-generated layout for whichever layout you select."Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0" is part of a series of accessibility guidelines published by the Web Accessibility Initiative.The series also includes User Agent Accessibility Guidelines ([WAI-USERAGENT]) and Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines ([WAI-AUTOOLS]).

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