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Recently I was flying through Nashville, TN, and had a delay of a few hours.

So I called an old friend and we went to dinner at a West End restaurant she recommended, Bricktop's (

The deviled egg recipe itself is relatively pedestrian, although it definitely is good.

What makes this recipe is the fact that the deviled eggs are served on strips of applewood smoked bacon cooked with brown sugar.

When I noticed deviled eggs on the appetizer menu, I immediately ordered up a plate and went to town reviewing them in my head and cajoling my capable server into sharing the recipe.

Although the recipe he shared was proportioned for "80 eggs," I've scaled it down for 6 eggs.

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Sprinkle brown sugar on applewood bacon strips and bake in oven at 400 F for 12-15 minutes.

Bacon should be placed on a wire rack over a cookie sheet, so that the drippings fall into the cookie sheet.

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