Defining and validating high level design metrics

An SSC San Diego ‘manager’ responsible to the Program Manager for specific tasked system objectives.For the RBC project, the Project Manager acts as the LCCB chairperson and the Risk Manager.Other sources of information, such as electronic files, shall be identified using unique identifiers such as date and version number.Any deviations from referenced standards or policies shall be identified and justifications shall be provided.A matrix of work activities and supporting processes vs.

This subclause shall specify the estimation plan, staffing plan, resource acquisition plan, and training plan.Deviations and/or waivers from reference (h), or the project’s documented standard processes or procedures will be defined in the individual build plans as necessary and approved by agreement between the project manager and the program manager.The abbreviations and acronyms used throughout this document are listed below: ACWP Actual Cost of Work Performed AD Architectural Design BCC Black Controller CSCI BCWP Budgeted Cost of Work Performed BCWS Budgeted Cost of Work Scheduled CDRL Contract Data Requirements List CM Configuration Management COR Contracting Officer’s Representative CSCI Computer Software Configuration Item CT Code and Unit Test C4I Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence DBDD Data Base Design Description DCR Document Change Request DD Detailed Design DID Data Item Description Do N Department of the Navy EIA Electronic Industries Association or Alliance HWCI Hardware Configuration Item IEEE Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers IPR In-Process Review IR Information Repository IRS Interface Requirements Specification IT Integration Test IV&V Independent Verification and Validation LCCB Local Configuration Control Board MCS Management Control System MENS Mission Element Needs Statement MIL-STD Military Standard OPNAV Office of the Chief of Naval Operations OPTEVFOR Operational Test and Evaluation Force PAL Process Asset Library P/CR Problem/Change Report PE&Q Product Engineering and Qualification PM Project Manager PMP Project Management Plan PPL Product Parts List PRP Procurement Requirements Package QA Quality Assurance QT Qualification Test RBC Red/Black Controller RCC Red Controller CSCI RA Requirements Analysis RD Requirements Definition RM Requirements Management SCCB System Configuration Control Board SCM Software Configuration Management SCR System Change Request SDD Software Design Description SDF Software Development File SDL Software Development Library SEN Software Engineering Notebook SEPG Systems Engineering Process Group SEPO Systems Engineering Process Office SMP Software Measurement Plan SOE System Operational Effectiveness SOW Statement of Work SPA Software Process Assets document SPAWAR Space and Naval Warfare SPI Systems Process Improvement SPP Software Project Planning SPTO Software Project Tracking and Oversight SQA Software Quality Assurance SQT System Qualification Test SRS Software Requirements Specification SSC SPAWAR Systems Center STD Software Test Description STP Software Test Plan SYSCOM Systems Command T&E Test and Evaluation TRB Technical Review Board VPO Virtual Project Office WBS Work Breakdown Structure This subclause shall describe the organizational boundaries between the project and external entities.This clause shall provide a complete list of all documents and other sources of information referenced in the document.Each document should be identified by title, report number, date, author, path/name for electronic access, and publishing organization.

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