Deception from ancient empires to internet dating sveta dating russia

They might all have good arguments but they certainly can’t all be correct.

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Even so, the Lord will return in Glory to fulfill the fall feasts to Israel just as He fulfilled all the spring feasts at His first coming.

For example, the Jews say there has only been 5771 years since creation.

They are wrong but it’s not over 6000 years yet either. Jesus was not born 4004 years from creation like he calculated.

The Church should be aware of the general time of the Lord’s coming.

Years ago I wrote 25 articles about events taking place on earth that correlate to indicate the general season of the Lord’s physical return to earth. If you read those articles and look at these world events, the astute should come to the conclusion that this downward slide of the world cannot go beyond the 2030’s without the world destroying itself.

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