Dave batista dating 2016

For all those reasons, relationships usually don’t last and at times, we’ve seen wrestlers opt for younger partners.

In this article, we take a look at former and current WWE stars currently dating or who are married to someone that is quite younger.

Before he met his current partner Sarah Jade, Dave tied the knot twice; the first time way back in 1990 even before his wrestling career got underway.

His second failed marriage would come in 2006 after he divorced his second ex-wife Angie, the two separated after an eight year relationship. We credit Batista for still looking to be in great shape, however in terms of age, the gap is rather extreme. Some would say that Dave’s old enough to be her father.

Now, we aren’t really sure when it comes to Forbes' exact age but we do know that she’s significantly younger than her current boyfriend Rob Van Dam. The couple married during his ECW days and stayed together all the way up until 2016.The age gap between these two doesn’t seem to be all that bad due to the fact that Matt Hardy completely resurrected his career with the Broken gimmick, and for that reason, he still seems relatively new.However, don’t forget that Hardy was actively wrestling in the early 90s, heck he even first appeared on WWE television in 1994. Well, considering she was only eight years old at the time, she was likely not stepping foot in a squared circle like Matt.However, in Angle’s second marriage, he decided to go much younger.A former actress and model, his current wife Giovanna Yannotti, just entered her 30s last year, she recently turned 31.

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