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But in this ironically multicultural day and age, you still haven’t managed to meet the right one.But thankfully, there’s people out there, your own kind as well, who have noticed these things and maybe even encountered similar heartbreak or frustrations, who have taken the proverbial Spanish bull by the horns and nipped the dating bug in the right spot. We ended up spreading it out over an entire weekend. I highly recommend it as a fun activity to do together. I cut out some of our answers from the quiz books to include on this month's layout.

Churchgoing or not, many of you have received good advice on meeting the right folks and taken it to heart anyhow. We'd quietly jot down our answers about the other person and then go through it together one by one. ), some were good "what would he/she do in this situation? There are 100 questions in each book so we worked in 20 question increments. Some of the questions were totally random (like, what pocket does he put his wallet in?When not in his hero disguise, Peter Possum is a stereotypical, ultra-nerdy possum who acts and speaks in a sniveling, pitiful manner.He is constantly trying to win the affections of the Tabloid he works for Star journalist, Doris Deer, a beautiful but extremely snobbish human woman who rejects him constantly.

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