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Urdu, Oriya, Gujarati, and Punjabi are each spoken by sizable numbers. There are, however, significant minorities of Muslims, Jains, Christians, and Buddhists. Roughly three-fourths of the population of Madhya Pradesh is rural, but the distribution of this population is very uneven.Also spoken are Telugu, Bengali, Tamil, and Malayalam. Densely populated rural regions are confined largely to the river valleys—the upper Wainganga, the lower Chambal, and the Narmada—and to scattered patches on the Malwa Plateau in western Madhya Pradesh.Among the most prominent of these tribes are the Bhil, Baiga, Gond, Korku, Kol, Kamar, and Maria.Non-Scheduled peoples, who hold a higher status within the Indian social system, make up most of the remaining four-fifths of the state’s population.The forests abound in large mammals, such as tigers, panthers, bears, gaurs (wild cattle), and many types of deer, including chital (spotted deer), sambar, blackbucks, and the rare barasingha (swamp deer).The woodlands also are home to many species of birds.If you're looking for friends, chat or dating in Andhra Pradesh, then Only Women is a great place to be.

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An even smaller percentage of Madhya Pradesh consists of permanent pasture or other grazing land.

In the northern part of the state the land rises generally from south to north, while in the southern part it increases in elevation toward the west.

Important ranges of hills are the Malwa Plateau (1,650 to 2,000 feet [500 to 600 metres]).

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