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Whether it's a serious relationship or casual fun, this is the place for totally free online Plenty of Fish (POF) is completely free to use and sign up. I also found that the overall quality of the members on POF was lower than the pay sites I mentioned above.Sign up for POF when you have completely exhausted the other fine options above.This has been corrected in the BI 4.2 Formulas & Calculations guide: for those of you still on BI 4.1 SP6 and above, I have documented some useful information below that can get you started: I should also mention this post: Relative Date function enhancement, not yet by Noel Scheaffer It covers his testing and results (down in the comments) which shows the output that he tested for each period type.I have asked our documentation team to make the updates to the documentation for BI 4.1.

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Lollo Verde Baby Mix Baby Oak Leaf Green Baby Oak Leaf Red Baby Romaine Green Baby Romaine Red Boston Bibb Boston Hydroponic Boston Hydroponic Red Brunia Butter Scarlett Deer's Tongue Fenberg Firecracker Freckles Gem Green Gem Red Gem Red Hydro Iceberg Indian Leaf Green Leaf Green Filets Leaf Red Limestone Mache Epic Root Mache Epic Roots-Red Romance Miners Miners Red Mix Asian Mix Braising Mizuna Red Pirat Pirella Red Fire Romaine Hearts Romaine Petite Romaine Regular Salanova Sierra Spring Mix Sword Tatsoi Tatsoi Red Verodita Wild Wilshire Recipes Limes Black Calamondin Calamondin Variegated Castelo Finger Finger Red Gol Nemu Kaffir Key Mexican Limequats Rangpur Shikwasa Spanish Sudachi Sweet (Lima Dulce) Sweet Dominican Republic Tahitian Yuzu Recipes Mangoes Alphanso Arumanis Ataulfo Ataulfo Baby Baby Bailey's Marvel Bombay Brahm Kai Meu Choc Anon Cocktail Crown Dasheri DIS Francine Gootee Haden Kastooree Keitt Mallika Mulgoba Ono Pickering Pira Prieto Prince Rainbow Raw Thai Honey Tommy Atkins Tuehau Valencia Pride Villasenor Recipes Watermelon Recipes Ali Baba Black Beauty Faerie Kiran Korean Miniature Moon and Stars Orange Personal Ruby Bliss™ - Dulcinea Seedless W/Seeds White Wonder Yellow Other Varieties Ambrosia Ananas Arava Arus Athena Black Seeded (Kurodane) Boule D' Or Canary Cantaloupe Casaba Cavaillon Charentais Chibud Cocha Crane Crenshaw Elizabeth Fonzy French Baby French Kiss Galia Gaya Ivory Hami-Gua Harper Honey Blonde Honey Kiss Honeydew Honeydew Golden Honeydew Orange-Fleshed Honeyloupe Horn Kajari Keli Kheli Korean Lemon Drop MAG® Magenta Malaysian Rock Melorange Minnesota Midget Mirza Muskmelon Muskmelon Yellow Obinovot Ogen Origami Persian Petit Gris de Rennes Prescott Fond Blanc Rich Sweetness Rocky Sweet Sakata Santa Claus Sharlyn Sugar Cube Sugar Kiss Summer Kiss Sun Jewel Tekka Tendral Tigger Tuscan Style™ Uzbek-Russian Wax Tip Melon Winter Recipes Petite Recipes Arugula Basil Mix Basil Mix Citrus Mix Season's Mustard Frill Red Sea Grass 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Pig's Ears (Violet Chanterelle) Porcini Portabella Portobellini Puffball Saffron Milk Cap Shiitake Shiitake Baby Shirakami Awabitake Shoro Snow St.

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