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Touring such treacherous terrain will leave you appreciating how the railway helped knit a nascent Canada together.

The windows-only Dome Car on this nature-filled route offers 360-degree views of the regal Canadian Rockies.

This group was founded when a teacher wanted to add spark to his classroom, so he started a program where his students wrote and exchanged letters with other schools around the world.

The Student Letter Exchange has matched students in more than 100 countries, some of whom have stayed in touch through their adult lives.

There are many pen pals for kids' organizations that offer safe, reliable and friendly Web sites.

Children, with parental approval of course, can e-mail, join chat rooms or list messages on forums regarding pen pals.

Friends exchanged letters, pictures and other miscellaneous items or "tuck-ins" including: One of the oldest pen pals for kids' clubs dates back to the 1930s.

The Student Letter Exchange is also the world's largest organization of its kind, with more than 500,000 participants each year.

It’s just two cars and two hours, but this shuttle between the tiny towns of Lillooet and Seton Portage offers epic mountain and lake views, wildlife sightings like rare bighorn sheep, and a twisty ride around the sharpest curves on the CN Rail line.

You’ll also get a glimpse of the gargantuan Albreda Glacier, a landscape dating back eons.

Famed for fabulous food, this leisurely “Train Touristique” chugs through the unspoiled scenery of Quebec’s Eastern Townships.

With most kids having Internet access at their fingertips, having an online pen pal or "e-pal" can be easy to do, but a child's safety must be the main concern. The group's mission is to ensure no soldier is forgotten at mail call.

Parents, educators and other adults who are allowing their students and children to have pen pals -- both online or offline -- should enforce these safety tips: In May 2004, the Thomas family of Simi Valley, California, started Pen Pals for Soldiers as a means of garnering support and raising morale of U.

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