Dating techniques in archaeology and paleoanthropology internet dating journal articles

Description of the Program The certificate program is designed to prepare students for an actual career:

Actuaries apply mathematical models to assess the financial cost of uncertainty.

Upon completing the certificate, students In addition, the CPAS provides students with an important credential documenting the extra effort they made to prepare themselves for an advanced degree program or the employment market in contract archaeology.

Required Courses: Take one from each of these three groups to total no more than 9 hours.

Core Courses (12 hours): CSCI 1301-1301L or CSCI 1360 CSCI 2150-2150L or CSCI 2610 CSCI 3360 Electives (6-8 hours): CSCI 4130/6130 CSCI 4150/6150 CSCI 4210/6210 CSCI 4250/6250 CSCI 4360/6360 CSCI 4370/6370 CSCI 4380/6380 CSCI 4780/6780 CSCI 4850/6850 STAT 4210 or STAT 4110H STAT 4230/6230 STAT 4280/6280 STAT 4630/6630 To Top Contacts: Dr.

Jennifer Birch Department of Anthropology 706-542-1959 or [email protected] of the Program Archaeology, by its very nature, is interdisciplinary, and the development of more and more scientific applications has increased this characteristic.

Thus students are required not only to exhibit competence in scientific methods and theories, but also to apply them practically both in the field and in the classroom.

It is no longer possible to study archaeology without being familiar with an often bewildering and steadily increasing variety of scientific applications, including GIS, remote sensing, stable isotope analysis, materials science, and a variety of dating techniques, such as TMS, TL, OSL, and AMS radiocarbon.Core Curriculum: Required Courses (6 hours) AAEC 4050/6050 Agribusiness and Natural Resource Law 3 hours AAEC 3980 Introduction to Agribusiness Management or AAEC 4980/6980 Agribusiness Management 3 hours Major Related Legal Materials: Select 2 Courses from the following (56 hours) AAEC 4930/6930 Environmental Law and Governmental Regulation 3 hours FDST 4100/6100 Governmental Regulations of Food Safety and Quality 2 hours LEGL 4500/6500 Employment Law 3 hours LEGL 4600 Negotiation and Alternative Dispute Resolution Systems 3 hours LEGL(REAL) 5200 Real Estate Law 3 hours POLS 4540 Interest Group Politics 3 hours Major Related Agribusiness Materials: Select 2 Courses from the following (6 hours) AAEC 3040 Agribusiness Marketing or AAEC 3100 Food and Fiber Marketing or MARK 3000 Principles of Marketing 3 hours AAEC 3400 Introduction to Agricultural Policy 3 hours AAEC(AFST) 4720 Food Security, Economics Development, and the Environment 3 hours AAEC 4760 Economics of Agricultural Processing and Marketing 3 hours AAEC(FINA) 4870/6870 Futures and Options Markets 3 hours ALDR 3900 Leadership and Service 3 hours REAL 4000 Real Estate 3 hours To Top Contact Person Brad Barnes Computer Science Department [email protected] (706) 583-0826 Description of the Program The Computer Science Department's certificate program in Applied Data Science is useful for students in a variety of mathematical, scientific, and engineering fields.The certificate develops expertise in the collection, storage, analysis, visualization, and interpretation of data.The minimal prerequisite for courses in the certificate program is MATH 1113 or MATH 1113E, Precalculus.Curriculum: The undergraduate certificate program in Applied Data Science requires 18-20 hours of coursework, with 12 hours of core courses and 6-8 hours of electives.

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