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I decided to try my luck on one of the famous websites.. I thought, oh, what the hell, and opened my pants all the way so I could stroke my cock while I watched her.I was so hard, it slapped my belly when I pulled it out. Finally, I could kiss it, out my lips around the dick head. I turned my head, closed my eyes, opened my mouth and took out my tongue.

How does it feel, to be sexy, long-legged with painted nails and with a dick in your pants?

Each knew ahead of time the other would be at the club that night.

They began talking, then slow-danced, then all three girls and the fellow talked for a half hour."The discussion between us girls turned to what this means," my girlfriend said.

"We think this happens for a couple of reasons," my girlfriend said. On some level they think we're guys and that we will understand.

They expect us to understand as if we were guys, like one of their guy friends would.

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