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We are best friends,soulmates,proud parents, and very qualified matchmakers as we understand how the process works better then anyone.I really love my home country, don’t take me wrong. White flour and cheese are usually the main ingredients. And there’s very few vegetarian/vegan restaurants around Slovakia. And if I say that I don’t like meat or want a meal without white flour, I am treated like someone from Star Wars.I love the nature, all the trees, lakes, rivers, Slovak language, relatively cheap prices of many things. I am probably the smallest fan of smoking on Earth!I love that I can really express everything I want without looking for a word for it. Sometimes I go to my home town more often than my old friends who now live in the capital Bratislava. With my chronic sinus infection I have already difficulties breathing and when the bars/restaurants/caffeterias are full of smoke, I am choking.However, there must be also something I don’t like so much. But still, I have been avoiding living in Slovakia because of a bunch of things, and it’s not only my big urge to explore the world and other cultures. If in countries like Spain or Italy where everyone smokes they could prohibit smoking in these places, I cannot wait to this happen in Slovakia finally too.

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