Dating sites for brainiacs

Skyler wrote in about a date who paid for the first two dates only to refuse a third date because he was “tired of paying for everything.” The writer was having none of that.

“Nobody needs a rage machine like that in their lives,” she told Skyler.

And, of course, to give themselves permission to be happy on their own.

“I didn’t set out to be any kind of thought leader in the dating niche,” she said.

As a well-known dating blogger, Christan Marashio often receives letters asking for advice.

“I have firsthand experience with the latest dating websites and apps — that’s what sets me apart from most dating coaches and bloggers.” In addition to her blog, Christan has been hard at work writing a novel for the past few years.

Furthermore, Christan encouraged single women to make an equal investment in the date, saying, “Buck up, literally, and contribute.” Christan gets to the point in short articles peppered with empathetic guidance and snarky commentary.

And That’s Why You’re Single typically comes out with two posts a week — one in answer to a letter and the second relating to a personal issue that’s on her mind.

Throughout the letter, it seemed to Christan that the woman was looking for permission to make dating less of a priority.

It sounded like she was ready to move on to more fulfilling parts of her life and not worry about going out to bars, setting up dating profiles, and spending time feeling like she was lacking.

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