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The pub used to stand fifty kms away from its current location but as it was hard to access in the wet season during flooding the army swung into action and moved the pub to a more convenient spot. railway has finally been built and was completed in october 2003 at a cost of $ 1.3 billion.After more than a hundred years of talking about it the 1420 km. Workers had to battle the desert heat and at times worked under big lights in the night and slept in the day, had to negotiate with Aborigines to avoid sacred sites.On November 12, 1894, he flew his box kite off the cliffs at Stanwell Park in Sydney, a decade before the Wright brothers made their first flight in the US in 1903.

Inspectors on bicycles and camels continuously inspected the fence and maintenance crews kept it rabbit proof, and another team took care of rabbit colonies that had established themselves on the west side after breaching the fence.

By november 2003 already five million dollars in bookings was made for the first passenger service planned to start around february 2004, the first freight train, measuring 1200 metres in length and carrying 4000 tonnes, left Adelaide on 15 january 2004 for the 43 hour and 2979 km. Mainly a freight line, the railway is also expected to bring an extra 30,000 tourists to Darwin each year.

Territorians wanting to celebrate the arrival of the first train were shocked to hear that alcohol was banned at the arrival party (even for the 600 VIPs) , this was a major break with tradition for a city that for many years held the record of having the highest per capita consumption of beer in the world and has an annual beercan regatta with boats made of empty beercans.

She had a rough start when on her way to the starting point Sydney she ran into a Chinese freight ship in the night and many people tried to stop her from going.

However, she continued and became the youngest person to sail solo around the world, until 16 year olf Dutch girl Laura Dekker finished her solo circumnavigation in January 2012 and took over the record.

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