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LITTLE TURKEY CREEK CANYON — Silence and fine mist engulf the place now as bears stir, birds flit through piñon and juniper trees, and a year-round creek trickles up through delicate cracks in granite.But a battle over a proposed 239-acre gravel mine to rip out millions of tons of that granite just south of Colorado Springs — here along Colorado’s already-scarred Front Range mountains — has blown up into a high-decibel test case: How does a state increasingly oriented toward natural beauty handle extractive projects that ravage the beauty?The Broadmoor Fly Fishing Camp offers incredible dining options throughout the day.With exquisite breakfast, lunch and dinner options, guests are sure to be delighted! Fly Fish from timbered canyons with nymph fly fishing to calm grassy meadows and winding bends where trout gracefully rise to dry flies.

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“We want to close our two mines north of the city and move our business south to this area that is more in line with the growth,” Transit Mix president Jerry Schnable said.” said Warren Dean, a commercial developer helping to lead opposition. On the other side of the battle, industry officials contend more gravel is needed to sustain Colorado’s building boom that now includes widening Interstate 25 north of Colorado Springs.The Hitch Rack Ranch gravel mine would bring up to 400 trucks a day and daily explosive blasts to remove rock from under today’s wildlife habitat. They’ve offered a “world-class mountain biking park” for Colorado Springs and promised to fix the existing scars on the mountains.Featuring more than five miles of private river, ranging from timbered canyons to grassy meadows and winding bends, guests can fish for wild brown and brook trout in whichever style they prefer: nymphs or dry flies.The picturesque camp features a beautifully restored Main Lodge with a wraparound deck and seven rustic yet well-appointed guest cabins.

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