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He’s kind of a mess, and watching him work out his feelings hits home in a very real way.

But Segel and Stoller are smart enough to ensure that even though Peter is the film’s protagonist, his feelings aren’t the only ones that matter.

Throughout the film she, too, is navigating an impossible position, torn between an old flame and a new fling (not to mention Jonah Hill, as a diehard fan of Snow's). Less impressive is the handling of Rachel (Mila Kunis), a receptionist at Peter's hotel who quickly becomes his confidant and muse.

The third-act revelation that Peter was an unspectacular boyfriend comes as no surprise, and addresses one of the burning questions raised in so many other lesser films: Why do women stick around for these unambitious, boring dudes? She functions at just a tiny notch above "plot device," but there's nothing for Kunis to do in this movie save for helping Peter realize a series of things about That trope is, at least, subverted elsewhere.

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It’s honest to life, but also makes time for an extended sequence where Peter has to slaughter a pig.

This is a movie that’s in touch with emotions on a far deeper level than a lot of other comedies at the time, and it’s a testament to the track that Apatow laid with is a crucial piece of that puzzle.

It showed the reach of Apatow’s mentorship, and the murderers’ row of talent that had been working under him in the preceding years that would go on to craft their own unique works.

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