Dating royal doulton stamps

A folded tea towel in the bottom of the sink will keep your dishes from hitting against the sink and cracking.Allow them to air dry away from direct sunlight before putting them away.Significantly, 80% of the more than 750 pieces in the Exhibition came from family collections within the country itself.Royal Doulton enthusiasts are plentiful in New Zealand.

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It is important to keep your china away from direct sunlight and in a protected area where it won't be accidently chipped or cracked.

In fact, there would be few homes that would not have at least one Doulton piece in use, or on display in a china cabinet or mantelpiece.

In 1815, the year of Waterloo, John Doulton invested his life savings of 100 pounds in a small riverside pottery in Lambeth, South London.

The pottery made plain, everyday stoneware items such as candle sticks, and bottles for ink, beer and blacking.

When John’s son Henry joined the firm, things changed.

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