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Bay was one of the largest producers and made some very good designs.

They also made some rare specialty glazes that are utterly fantastic.

Not surprisingly, they are also hard to find with vases generally harder to find than plaques and plates.

(Keto items are often similar but generally a step down in quality, but there are definitely exceptions as Keto did some very striking designs.) E-mail Us klinker: "Klinker" items are made from a particular clay, one that is typically used for a type of brick called klinkers.

Kurt Tschörner may have done some of the shape designs, but I have not seen documentation on that.

Operation of the company was taken over by Otto Gerharz Jr., and the company remains in business.

Other major klinker producers include AKRU, Eckhart & Engler, Eiwa, Gerz, Ilkra, J-D Keramik, Kule, Sawa, Siershahn, and Ernst Speier (SP, Hillscheid) E-mail Us Marei: At one time, Marei was thought to be a fairly small company that peaked in the 1950s.

Well-known early decors include Cortina and Jaspatina, but the company produced a wide variety of styles, especially in the 60s.

Economics forced them to stop significant art pottery production in the early 70s and survive on more utilitarian items.

They also produced their share of tourist and kitsch items during their art pottery years.

The name comes from Ja (Jakob), S (Schwaderlapp), and Ba (Baumbach). Kiechle: Kiechle items include extensive hand work and are among the highest quality in this "engobe" style.

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