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PDF (0216, depression, CBT, positive psychology) Creating Your Future — This worksheet is designed to help individuals think about their future and see that they have the power to create the kind of lives they want.PDF (quick, 1015, values clarification) Mindful Coloring — Mindful coloring is a simple way to teach the benefits of mindful meditation.

Reimagine success to ensure an expansive legacy that reflects your true purpose, not one that relegates you to define your value based solely on performance metrics that don’t begin to capture the contributions you are capable of making in the world. His legacy reminds us that “success” within the market cannot always be controlled, but that we can reimagine the ways we define it to keep mental health intact and find our way towards The Good Life, together. I so appreciate your guideposts, especially of being resilient and mindful! How might loneliness be impacted with this drive for more or even the hyper-social media usage?

In the early eighties, when twenty-three-year old Howard Scott Warshaw found himself eye to eye with Steven Spielberg, he was beyond stoked. While Atari and Spielberg haggled over rights for the game, precious production time was lost.

Warshaw had made a name for himself in Silicon Valley after creating the blockbuster Atari 2600 Indiana Jones video game, prompting Spielberg to handpick him to design an E. This left Warshaw five weeks to create the game from scratch. Warshaw worked frantically 24-7, ultimately producing what ended up widely known as the “worst video game of all time”.

Breaking the Cycle of Stress and Depression — The connection between stress and depression is complex and circular, but this worksheet is designed to break the cycle by teaching people ways to reduce the effects of stress biochemical.

(0517, wellness, stress, depression) Increasing Positive Feelings — This worksheet is designed to evoke positive feelings and simultaneously demonstrate that you can “change the channel” on your emotions.

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