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taking turns is a good option, as it promotes the idea that both people are responsible for caring for each other, and that money doesn’t fall into a gendered category of responsibility. I didn’t realize that some people really have a problem with women opening doors for men until I dated my ex-boyfriend. Is it too culturally weird for a woman to open her man’s door? Personally, I hate that we have to think about who opens the door at all.

So it makes me wonder about the guy: Why is he opening the door? Is it to be kind, or is it to show you that he is “the man”?

Hopefully we can have a discussion that is helpful for all those egalitarian singles out there. In an equal partnership, how do we deal with issues of money?

Should the person who initiates the date buy the meal?

Her favorite theologian is Gilbert Bilezikian, and she holds a Master of Science from London School of Economics and a Bachelor of Arts from Azusa Pacific University.

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Even though I’m not a mom, all the advice is relevant to me. ” —Kelly Sullivan Walden, Goddess Queen Magazine“I have known Alana for 7 years, and during that time she has consistently shown her intelligence and sensitivity in her relationship to, and with, the people that she coaches.Does he need to have that in order to feed his ego?It also makes me check myself: Do I need him to do that in order to feel feminine?is Co-Founder of The Junia Project and Associate Pastor at Wellspring Free Methodist Church in Bakersfield, CA.A committed Christian and feminist, Kate enjoys writing and speaking on the intersection of politics, religion, and gender.

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