Dating next level most intimidating football uniforms

With all that it takes to maintain a healthy relationship, moving forward is a great thing.

It's a sign that things are going well and you both are in it for the long haul.

Many of you that follow Jay Jack and his style of work with dogs, all know how infamous he tends to be with his awkward “one-liners”.

Well, during one of our many in depth dog training discussions, I got another one of those quotes that just kind of “stuck” for me.

One hundred pieces of kibble won’t mean as much as the heartfelt “good boy” pat on the head, once you begin to solidify that relationship.

Building a relationship with your dog is easy really, it’s kinda like dating………

His unnerving distance is a warning sign that you two might be on the blink, especially if he hasn't given you any excuse for the change in pattern. She actually sat you down and asked how you'd feel about you two dating other people.

When teaching my weight pull students, I encourage that bond, that mutual respect that has to develop. My dogs love to hike, to be outdoors and exploring the world they live in…. We do those things together…we enjoy each other’s company. You will find that if you give it an honest try, your dog will notice.

You're ready to chat with her about what that next phase will look like, but she shows no interest in opening a discussion.

When she's not quite as hopeful and excited to map out plans for how you two will advance as a team, she might not be ready to move forward to the next level.

If you both have been consistent in spending time together and have been exclusive even when you were just in the dating phase, it's a shocker when your other half wants to see other people.

Take this as a sign that your relationship is taking a step backward instead of forward.

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