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One was a local paper that I replied to, the other a broadsheet that I placed an ad in.The ad from the local paper resulted in a relationship that over the years has developed from dating one another to a firm friendship. The relationship that came from the ad in the broadsheet resulted in me losing the roof over my head,nearly my business and the loss of a child I loved dearly .Has anyone had any success with them and have they moved on to something more visual like facebook for instance before arranging to meet?I suppose if a person had a really good voice a potential partner may overlook the fact they maybe average looking whereas on a dating website you have to get past the hurdle of looks first.It was a genuine reply though and we went out on one date.

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(At the time, Minaj confessed she "might make an exception" in Nas' case.) "I'm just chillin' right now. "Dating's just not where I'm at lately." So, Eminem would frequent strip clubs to meet "some chicks." At one point, he tried out Tinder.

I placed an in a London paper a couple of years ago and had a voice message reply.

I chose the option to listen to it, it was a bit unclear so I listened again. I spent twenty on the phone to the number on the bill before I realised what they were for.

After spending thousands of dollars, she will be celebrating Valentine’s Day this year with her boyfriend, whom she met two years ago, also on February 14.

Capitalising on the anxious hearts looking for love, matchmakers in Hong Kong have seen a thriving business in the digital era despite the prevalence of free dating apps that supposedly revolutionised how this generation could find romance by simply swiping right.

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    The dating mood is in the air – romance is on everybody’s mind.

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    A guy may show every sign of liking you from afar, and yet not make any move to approach you or talk to you. If you like him, well, drop a few signs and give him the reassurance he needs to man up and ask you out.