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I subscribe to all of my podcasts through that app.

I have it on my i Phone, and all of my podcasts automatically download-for the most part.

I occasionally have to refresh the feeds, but I think that's because I use a lot of space on my phone.

I follow different artists and podcasts on Soundcloud as well. I am a DIY Queen, and thoroughly enjoy a good Youtube tutorial, so the podcasts will be uploaded there as well.

most are photocopied, but they can also be printed offset, like a magazine or newspaper (zine101).

i have created a few for my classes, usually with illustrations, depicting stories about my life, but never distributed it. if you have a story, an idea or issue you'd like to share and express, i say, create a zine!

It's like going on a long drive, except on the water.

I always get people feedback from critics and students with this server…they love it. i knew exactly what i wanted and ordered quickly: coffee and grilled tenderloin benedict. before heading home, i decided to stop by quimby's. i usually look at books on illustration and zines for inspirations. just to clear my head and reflect on my life, but sunday was the first time ever dining by myself at a crowded restaurant. one of the perks of dating yourself at a restaurant is that you get seated faster. but i was seated instantly, right at the counter just as i had imagined. No guilty feeling from such luxuriously because it is your money.Sometimes you deserve to spend into pampering yourself. Besides, I am happy of dining into such a fancy place.

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