Dating lois lane short story

Watching was like dating that whiny, mopey slacker from your high school because you just knew he'd really be something if he applied himself, and you felt sure he'll change one day. Like the time he had Superman destroy every car in every impound lot in Metropolis to "declare war on reckless drivers." Or this twelve-page epic, where Superman decides the entire cause of juvenile delinquency is low-income housing, sees a newspaper about relief efforts for a cyclone, and decides to smash all the homes of the poor.City Hall, which apparently has infinite amounts of money and is just looking for reasons to spend it, rehouses all the poor in "splendid" style, because that's how gentrification works.He immediately becomes the world's biggest spendthrift, hiring a butler who promptly teams up with a crook to steal Jimmy's money.But in Jimmy's defense, everyone and everything in the heist plot is stupid: Jimmy and Lois for falling into a trap, the crooks for leaving their captives alone and unrestrained in a spare room, and magical smoke signals that can only be sent by burning Jimmy's money down to the very last dollar.

Mini-Superman stops that shower, but then, in the end, takes a Kryptonite bullet for Bigger Original Superman, whose powers bounce back as soon as the little guy dies.Thanks to a dose of space radiation, Superman loses all his powers except his invulnerability and gains the power to shoot a mini-Superman out of his fingers, which can then do everything he used to be able to do and does his bidding.Well, things like that just tended to happen in the DC comic books of the 1950s and 1960s.And yes, we're pretty confident that this dirty dozen is worse than anything Snyder has ever had to offer.Here are the Ending a larger arc where Superman's powers were already kind of weird (he could be either an electrical being in a containment suit or a normal human), one of his enemies split him into two beings, blue and red, who had the same powers, the same Clark Kent identity, and most awkwardly, the same marriage to Lois Lane.

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