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In all areas of her art, Leslie was best known as a leading innovator and exponent of the great phenomenon of the 1920's and 1930's known as the Art Deco Movement.

Emphasizing bold elements of design and line, Art Deco artists such as Leslie forever changed the course of art.

They are the contemporary 20th Century Aurstralian artist, Martin, Lewis, the American artist, Joseph Christian Leyendecker, the early 19th century American etcher, Benjamin Lander, the American mural painter, etcher, sculptor, stained glass and mosaic artist, Joseph Lauber, the American painter and etcher, Ossip Leonovich Linde 'Ossip Linde', the 19th century French etcher, Louis Lenain, the French etcher and painter of landscapes and urban views, Maxime Lalanne, the German engraver of the late 18th and early nineteenth centuries, Heinrich Friedrich Laurin 'Heinrich Laurin', the former professor and chairman of the department of art at New York University, Leonard Lehrer, the French twentieth century landscape painter and lithographer, Maurice Loirand, the French fabric and tapestry designer, Arthur Litt, also, the contemporary American artists, Seymour Leichman and Robert Lobe and the contemporary French Canadian artist, Alain Lacaze Our collection features original art created by artists from many countries such as the influential early twentieth century Dutch artist, Joris Johannes Christiaan Lebeau 'Chris Lebeau', the Australian artist, Sir Lionel Arthur Lindsay, Austrian artists, Erwin Lang and Oskar Laske, the American artists, Sonja Lamut, Rita Leff, Norbert Lenz, Arnie Levin, Jack Levine, Arthur Allen Lewis, Seymour Leichman and Robert Lobe, the British artists, Francis Legat, William Satchwell Leney, and Frederick Christian Lewis, the Belgian painter and etcher, Auguste Lowe, the Italian artist, Carlo Lasinio, the French artists, Frederic Auguste Laguillermie, Auguste Andre Lancon, Maxime Lalanne, Louttre B (Marc Antoine Bissiere), Gerard Rene Le Villain, the twentieth century Austrian etcher and painter, Wilhelm Landsmann 'Willy Landsmann', and many others.

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The European Part of the Russian Empire, from the Maps Published by the Imperial Academy of St.

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