Dating in mongolia

Brides usually had their own household and family rather than joining the household of their husband's parents as subordinate daughters-in-law, and they made fairly frequent return visits to their natal families.Among herders, a traditional place to seek a spouse was from the adjacent herding camp that exchanged daytime custody of lambs (to prevent the ewes from nursing the lambs in the pasture).Levirate marriages in which a widow marries her husband's brother is an old tradition among Mongolians.

That of Ulaanbaatar, an imposing white structure vaguely resembling a traditional Mongolian hat in shape, was one of the capital's architectural highlights.

In a majority of cases, the divorced wife retained custody of any children; divorced husbands often failed to pay child support and did so without penalty.

Women’s activists said that because family businesses were usually registered under the husband’s name, ownership continued to be transferred automatically to the former husband in divorce cases.

Since the early 20th century, most marriages have been initiated by the couple themselves rather than by parental arrangement.

The image of courtship presented in contemporary Mongolian stories and pictures is of a young couple riding across the grassland on their horses while singing in harmony.

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