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If many spirits were seen in company they were called oio. In writing it is made by transposing the letters of words and by giving words new meanings; it is used mostly, if not always, for vile lascivious purposes. (Contraction of • to loosen, untie, free, release, take off, undo; remove, unburden, • absolve, let go, acquit, to forgive, pardon, excuse; • to substitute for (Kin. Land section, subdivision, school, avenue, and playground, Kailua, Oʻahu. street, Waikīkī, Honolulu, a variant name for Kalanimoku, adviser and prime minister for Kamehameha I and Queen Kaʻahumanu. The first image of nīoi wood was carved by a Molokaʻi man grateful for a gambling victory. A Kālaipāhoa image is on display at the Bishop Museum (Buck, Figures 297, 298). (Kāwika Laʻamea) David Laʻamea Kamanakapuʻu Mahinulani Nalaiaehuokalani Lumialani Kalākaua. (On Hawaiʻi, two beautiful girls were seen swimming here, and when the viewers pushed through jungle or stream to find them, they had strayed [lalau]. lit.: Probably lit., the multitude of the royal chief.

The spirit or soul of a living person as seen or pretended to be seen by the kahuna kilokilo or juggling priest. A kind of artificial language; it is used both in speaking and writing; it is designed as a secret kind of communicating thoughts, and understood only by the initiated. (Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, July 6, 1922.) land section, gulch, elementary school, and town, Kōloa district, Kauaʻi. The trees, believed poisonous, were the nīoi, entered by the god Kāneikaulanaʻula (Kāne at red resting place); the kauila, entered by Ka-huilaokalani (the lightnings of the heavens), believed by some to be a brother of Pele; and the ʻohe tree, entered by the goddess Kapo. Only the god Maʻiola could render such sorcery harmless.

It is difficult to make Hawaiians perceive the difference between the English sounds of k and t. O ke koko ka (mea) i hana i kalahala, the blood the (thing) it makes atonement; that is, the thing which makes; o ka pono wale no ka i oi mamua o ka hewa, righteousness only is the thing (that which) excels wickedness. For [Ka hana ʻia ʻana o ka makau me ka ʻāpana iwi mai. Ka uhau ʻana iho me ka ikaika i kekahi mea e like me ke kā ʻana i ka hoe i loko o ke kai no ka hoe ʻana, ke kā ʻana i ke kaula lele i lele ʻia e nā kamaliʻi, a me ke kā ʻana i kekahi i ke kēhau o luna o nā meakanu i ke kapa i ke kakahiaka nui i paʻa ka wai i loko o ke kapa a ʻuī ʻia mai i wai inu. She had many adventures at Kalihi and saved her husband Wākea, who was being taken away for sacrifice, by embracing him.

The natives on the Island of Hawaii generally pronounce the letter with the palate, that is, give it the k sound, while the natives of the Island of Kauai pronounce it with the end of the tongue that is, pronounce it as t. Ka as an article often represents not only the article but the noun supposed to belong to it, or it may have mea or some other word understood (like, in another sense, the English what, as an antecedent and a relative); as, o ka aila ka (mea) iloko o kona lima, the oil the (thing) which, that which was in his hand. Ka also as an article stands for ka mea, and ka mea nana, the person who, or the thing which. Hili ikaika]To strike, as to strike fire with flint and steel; ka ahi. To block or split off a piece of hard stone for the purpose of making a stone adze in ancient times; o ka poe ka koi ka poe i manao nui ia; hele no ka poe ka koi e imi i na pohaku paa e pono ai ke hana i koi; ka makau, to fabricate a bone into a fish-hook. His bonds loosened and the two disappeared into a tree. (HM 278–283.) a wild, weedy euphorbia, or wild spurge (Euphorbia heterophylla var.

To flip someone off is an insult in most of the Western World, and earliest references of it go all the way to Ancient Greek and Roman writings, where it is referred to as is an easy way to get across complicated emotions in one motion.

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land section, village, elementary school, point, and stream, Waikāne and Kahana qds., Oʻahu. According to another story (HM 419), Kapūnohu cast the spear. five land sections near Kealakekua Bay, Kona, Hawaiʻi, probably named for a family. kukui grove and hill (734 feet high), Hālawa qd., Molokaʻi, named for a seer or moʻo-slaying prophet who lived here; he was killed by Palo (or in another version, Kawelo) of Lānaʻi by sorcery, and was buried under the kukui trees where he had made his home (Puka La Kuokoa, March 23, 1893). Later a woman appeared at the door and said that he would always remain there. Its top is indented by Kauhakō Crater, a quarter of a mile across and more than 450 feet deep, containing a pool of brackish water. NOTE—The ka of this word is the article, or else the word takes no article.

ka ke kh ki kk kl km kn ko kp kr ku ka kaa kaaa kaae kaah kaai kaak kaal kaam kaan kaao kaap kaau kaaw kaba kada kadi kado kae kaea kaee kaeh kaei kaek kael kaem kaen kaeo kaep kaeu kaew kaha kahe kahi kaho kahu kai kaia kaie kaih kaii kaik kail kaim kain kaio kaip kair kait kaiu kaiw kaka kake kaki kako kaku kal kala kale kali kalo kalu kama kame kami kamo kamu kana kane kani kano kanu kao kaoa kaoe kaoh kaoi kaok kaol kaom kaon kaoo kaop kaou kaow kapa kape kapi kapo kapu kara kare kari karo kasa kase kasi kata kato katu kau kaua kaue kauh kaui kauk kaul kaum kaun kauo kaup kaus kauw kawa kawe kawi kawo The definite article, the. in different parts of a sentence, contains something like an assertion with disapprobation; used also on the discovery of a mistake. cyathophora), a tropical American herb about 30 cm high, with green, oval leaves, but with floral leaves white or pink at the base; used medicinally as a purgative.

Before nouns beginning with the letter k, it is changed into ke instead of ka. valley, stream, and falls (Sacred Falls), Hau-ʻula, Oʻahu.

It's hard to describe a perfect mate because what I hope I find is someone I just feel a certain way with. I'm a laid back chick looking for a relationship, but not looking to jump into anything with both feet right away.

I like smart ambitious men who have a sensitive side but are masculine. Would like to take the time to get to know someone before spending everyday and night together.

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