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Having had their fill of mango fruit from the hotel's courtyard, they appeared nonplussed by their interior surroundings as they exited through the hotel's reception and headed out to the car park.South Luangwa National Park is in east Zambia's Luangwa River valley and is known for its abundant wildlife, including elephants, hippos and birds.Ive never been particularly bad at socializing with women, but it has always been in the confines of my circle of friends or in class, etc, NEVER approaching a woman on the street that I found attractive. You get to see the routines right-before-your-eyes.And all the techniques I'd been reading about, finally made sense.I got to see how easy it is to approach and meet women in the day time.

When walking down the streets of the French Quarter, Frenchman Street, and the Garden District, you can't help but stroll among the spirits of yesterday -- each one filled with a variety of emotions ranging from love, light and strength to sorrow, darkness and despair.

Walk down a magically lit pathway lined on each side by local artisans selling their wonderful crafts. Based off the 1952 novel A Stone for Danny Fisher by Harold Robbins, Elvis later indicated that Danny Fisher was his favorite role he ever played. It's only fitting that we ran into Robert, a New Orleans local working on Jack Reacher 2, to share with us the piece of history that was the balcony above us, as unknowingly stood in front of the teal doors leading to the balcony that Elvis sang his heart out to the streets of New Orleans, in the filming of King Creole. 6 million went into refurbishing the hotel after Katrina and it was well worth it to preserve the legacy that is the Ritz. Charles Streetcar - Operating since 1835 "Well are you getting on or what?

Hideaway in the Library Lounge, enjoy a drink under the stars in the garden courtyard, and grab a cocktail in the Davenport Lounge. " We jumped Dukes of Hazard style onto the streetcar while it was still in motion to avoid being yelled at any further. In all seriousness, the back door of the trolley will be the hardest door you open in all of New Orleans. Britton and his wife have been collectors and sellers of stories in this quaint Garden District location for over 35 years; he definitely has a story or two of his own to share as well!

The music of lured us into the tiny crowded front bar like a great seduction. Great music transcends time and the 's Tuesday night residency lives up to its reputation. The bartender has an amazing moustache that curls on both sides and he's served the establishment for 18 years, oh the things he has seen... Walk through the red door and leave the present day behind as you embrace the comfort of the speakeasy.

Be prepared to embrace the energy of the room, and if you get too hot dancing, step outside and pay your regards to the poet Everette Maddox, his ashes are buried in the patio behind the Maple Leaf Bar under a stone that reads: "Everette Maddox - He was a mess." 9. Don't forget to get a Pimm's Go-Cup to enjoy while you walk around listen to street artists. The Roosevelt -- 130 Roosevelt Way Doors originally opened in 1893. Grab a Sazerac or an old fashioned, (or if you're feeling adventurous the turtle soup), and enjoy as you sway to the music of the artist playing in the library. Arnuad's French 75 -- 813 Rue Bienville A bar once reserved for gentlemen only.

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