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Though captives came from communities far and wide, all ​enslaved Indigenous people came to be known as of 1833.

As well, the proclamation established the requirements for the transfer of Indigenous title to the Crown, indicating that the Crown could only purchase Indigenous lands and that such purchases had to be unanimously approved by a council of Indigenous peoples.The Seven Nations of Canada, as France’s allies were known, were not forgotten by the French as the British conquest loomed large.In defeat, the French obtained favourable terms of capitulation, that their allies be treated as soldiers under arms, and that they "be maintained in the Lands they inhabit," enjoy freedom of religion and keep their missionaries.Two thirds of enslaved people were Indigenous, while the remainder were of African origin.Military officers, merchants and religious officials enslaved these people as domestic servants, rather than agricultural workers, as the economy was not plantation-based as it was in the American south.

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