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Trying to understand what the marks mean on your Jewelry can be really challenging for ANYBODY and that's the exact reason I decided to create the Hallmark Challenge Dare The following information provides a general introduction to hallmarks.If British Hallmarks is your area of interest, be sure to read (and bookmark) the Guide to Hallmarking in Great Britain... There Are Three Basic Ways to Buy Gold Today That Investors Need To Know...The Oldest Form of Consumer Protection - A Brief History In an age where consumer protection and rights are a key concern for most present-day manufacturers it is fascinating to note that the hallmark is, in fact, one of the oldest forms of consumer protection that exists.The history of the hallmark dates back as far 1300, when a statute of Edwar...Our headquarters here at Guardian's Hall have been purpose-built to meet our needs, and those of our clients, exactly.The ground floor of this impressive two-storey building is dedicated to assay, analytical and research services whilst the first floor is home to ...More Information » Rises in cost of precious metal means items many not be adequately insured Sheffield Assay Office are delighted to offer a valuation service which will offer valuations on jewellery, watches and silverware as a same-day service, rather than the standard six-to-eight week wait time of a high street jeweller. More Information » DEALERS TO EXHIBIT NOTICES AS TO HALLMARKS 1.

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Some items of jewellery may be partly made of non-precious metals.(1) Any dealer shall keep exhibited at all times, in a conspicuous position in a part of his premises to which those with whom he deals are commonly admitted, a notice in terms approved and i...More Information » The following charges are payable for gold, silver, platinum and palladium articles brought or sent to the Sheffield Assay Office for assay and hallmarking.This hallmark is only valid in countries that are party to the Vienna Hallmarking Convention. On behalf of the Dutch government, Verispect monitors compliance with the Hallmarking Act, which involves its inspectors making spot checks on, for example, jewellers, wholesalers and auction marts.The inspectors are designated as special investigators and have the power to draw up official reports, possibly resulting in a fine or confiscation of goods.

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