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The immense resources of the Adeptus Ministorum were directed towards bloodthirsty pogroms against often imagined Heretics and the building of immense new monuments to the Emperor and Vandire.

A small contingent of Custodians, led by a Centurion of the Companions, made its way into the very heart of Vandire's domain.

Within the secure walls of the Imperial Palace, the Adeptus Custodes continued their eternal vigil over the Golden Throne.

To escape the anarchy that prevailed in the wider Imperium, and to ensure the protection of the Emperor himself, the Custodians had cut themselves off from the outside completely.

Vandire sought to impose his own rule over the Imperium in place of the Emperor and used the power of the two Adepta he controlled to eliminate anyone who opposed him.

Thus began the period in Imperial history known as the Reign of Blood.

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