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To get to Cuba you pretty well have to go to Havana. Havana is the capital city of Cuba, and is generally considered the largest city in the Caribbean.

This sprawling, historic city has a total population of 2.1 million people and is world renowned for its delectable cigars, cool classic cars, white sand beaches and sexy Latin brides.

As for desserts, you’ll definitely have to try the local favourite “Merengues duros” and “Cocada”.

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It usually takes about 30 minutes to get to downtown Havana, depending on traffic.

They offer lessons for around CUC per dive, and an additional CUC to pay for equipment.

They can also arrange a diving expedition to Varadero for an extra cost.

This old city, established in its current location about 1523, is situated on the northern coast of Cuba and stretches mainly westward and southward from the bay, and is divided into three major harbors - Guanabacoa, Marimelena, and Atarés.

Havana has a tropical, savanna climate and sees temperatures hovering around the 22 °C mark in January and February and 28 °C and higher in the mid to later months of the year.

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