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Paris is also known for being the city of romance and love & sex.

Even when the economy is in the dumps, There are clubs in every big American and EU city. In France, people accept them as reality and at the end of an evening, always say goodnight and shake hands.Don’t be shocked if you bump into members of the French Parliament—that is, if you recognize him or her wearing something other than a suit and tie with a (perhaps) In other words, people from every stratum of social and economic life participate and don’t feel the need to hide.“It’s become a leisure activity, like going to the theatre or the cinema,” says Alain Plumey, curator of Paris’s located at 1, rue Therese in the 1ème, it is very difficult to get by the bouncer…If Parisian social life is one long date shared with different people, doesn’t the term become redundant? Is it the unspoken desire to have sex with the other that transforms an innocent evening wasted queuing for Rosa Bonheur into a date?You just need to look at French presidents to realize a general vibe of “up for it? I don’t think this particular view of dating is necessarily reserved just for French, but can be adopted by most anyone living in Paris.

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