Dating china customs

“It is not our policy to be in a customs union.” So that’s categorical! We will not trash any definite arrangements we have in place with the European Union vis-a-vis tariffs, borders, etc.

Britain will not remain in the customs union post-Brexit. We are “categorically leaving the customs union”, Theresa May murmured into a handkerchief while refusing to meet anyone’s eye in China last week. On Sunday night, the Prime Minister clarified her position, using her usual method of whispering into a sock and handing it to a spokesperson: “It is not our policy to be in the customs union,” came the message.

After declaring our judges to be “enemies of the people” for upholding British law and our politicians to be “traitors” for upholding British sovereignty, the next step in the despotic playbook was to accuse the civil service of bias.

Fortunately for the collector, Josiah Wedgwood was the first potter of note to mark his goods with his own name.

A “customs arrangement” is categorically not a “customs union”! They say that when you feel sorry for a politician, then they are doomed.

But what it might involve, according that perplexing document, is a “time-limited customs union between the UK and EU Customs Union”. But May is fortunate in this regard, in that there is something about her that congenitally repels sympathy.

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