Dating between social classes

However, Dalton claims in “Horatio Alger” that race and other factors determine how successful a person can be.On the other hand, in Toni Cade Bambara article ”The Lesson”, she aims to teach the lesson that education is the gateway to success....

It is about becoming aware and recognising that there are certain situations where the application of the same rules to unequal groups can sometimes lead to imbalanced results....

It is both discriminatory and unfair to people from particular classes and beneficial to the upper class.

Social class discrimination has tremendous negative effects on the discriminated classes.

[tags: success, work, education, race, social] - According to Paul Fussell, and his essay, class is a “touchy subject.” Class is often noted as “any group of plants or animals.” However, when it comes to defining class as social distinctions, the word becomes more complex.

The social class structure has remained “murky” over the years, and to most Americans, extremely complicated.

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