Dating antique brass bed

Poorly fitted rails will present a severe wobble in the head and footboard that only gets worse when you get into the bed.Cast iron, however, is very difficult to weld properly, especially when it is in a crucial, stress-point location designed to keep you from falling to the floor.As a rule, A I B does not purchase frames with broken or repaired hitches Rust is an interesting color, but not when it shows up on your nice, expensive off-white bedding.

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Which continually amazes me……having been in the business for 40 years and having seen and sold thousands in that time.

Occasionally we get a bed from a “picker” who is very reasonable in the marginal mark-up he wants to get for his beds.

But I will say, it’s always fun seeing the beds people bring to me for an appraisal or just a little history and background. I invite you to revisit my website answer any and all questions you might have about antique iron beds.

There are 3 serious problems associated with antique iron frames: missing or badly-fitting side rails, broken hitches (the point at which the rails connects to the bed) and extreme rust Rails are not interchangeable.

Original or properly fitting rails will offer a snug, tight feel with little movement of the headboard.

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