Dating a man who is legally separated

Don’t let yourself be charmed by the image of this man as someone who would delay his own happiness (in the form of finalizing the divorce) for the sake of sparing his wife’s feelings. But the truth is, he’s most likely still married because he doesn’t want a divorce yet.

So the man you are falling for is still legally tied to his wife. It means that until a final divorce decree is issued all of this man’s assets and liabilities are still connected to his wife, no matter what he might have told you about accounts having been divided.

His profile listed him as single, but when I met him I found out he was legally separated and living in his own apartment.

He said that all of the accounts had been divided, and that there was no chance of reconciliation with his wife.

She has written for numerous newsletters and publications including "Trio of Light." Rodriguez holds a Bachelor of Arts in communications from the University of Texas.

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If they have not, it could create problems in your relationship and in the divorce proceedings.

If he is evasive or is hesitant to be forthcoming, that could indicate that he is hiding information about the status of his marriage. This means that he and his wife have filed their separation in court. If he is not legally separated and is sharing a household with his spouse, he may not be separated at all.

Be sure that he intends for his relationship with his spouse to be over.

Trust your inner wisdom on this one: you are at risk of giving your heart away to a man who is still married to another woman.

And falling in love with a married man is like nicking away at your heart with your own knife.

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