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I don’t know where you found your information, but let me clarify a few of these for you.shemale – (I curse the word) this is an invention of the porn industry.

When they found out that “normal” porn was not selling to a large audience, they introduced the viewers of porn to “shemales”.

These are men who have had their body changed by surgical means (breast implants, butt cheek implants, botox, facial surgery, and so on so that they resemble a girl. female hermaphrodite – this is a person whose DNA has more female chromosomes than those of a male, but may have a few male chromosomes in their DNA.

male hermaphrodite – this is a person whose DNA has more male chromosomes than female.

They may or not have a vagina, but will definately have something that resembles either a penis or a large clitorus.heshes – ( I have no idea where this came from, but many consider it slang and degrading.trangender - is a person who was born one gender (male or female) and changes their outward appearance to the opposite gender through surgery or hormones.

There are also herbal combinations that can be used also.

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Nie dyskryminujemy, a naszym celem jest udzielenie wsparcia dla społeczności TS/TG.

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