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This may be a limitation of the provider or of the selected cursortype. Well, you probably have a different version of ADO (MDAC) on the new machine whose OLE DB provider is more strict about the cursor types that support bookmarks. -what cursortype are you requesting for the recordset? (do a response.write rs.cursortype after opening the recordset) Bob Barrows -- Microsoft MVP - ASP/ASP. This email account is my spam trap so I don't check it very often.

I am moving my webserver from NT4 using SQL to win2003 using SQL 2003 I get the above error when my asp page does teh line: Rs.absolutepage = int Current Page I tested teh value of int Current page and teh value is 1. If you must reply off-line, then remove the "NO SPAM" Well, if you look that up at you will see that 0 translates to ad Open Forward Only, which according to the chart on this page: does not support ad Bookmark (bookmarks). What now needs to be explained is why you are getting a forward-only cursor, which I suspect is not intended (and which the same exact code on your NT4 box was not returning).

If access the excel and link the database from network PC, the above problem is occurring.

Close Set rs = Nothing Set cn = Nothing please explain step by step in detail.. Database and excel are same folder in same PC updating without problem.

In order to answer that question, YOU need to provide the answer to ALL the other questions I asked in my previous reply. I asked 4 questions in my previous post and you answered one of them. :-) ) In addition, you will need to show the code used to open your connection (including the connection string - you can replace the username and password with xxxx if you aren't using integrated authentication to connect) and the code used to create and open the recordset.

If you're dealing with a lot of user inputs and a long sql statement, you can snip that out because it probably isn't relevant. Recordset error '800a0cb3' Current Recordset does not support bookmarks. If you are using a recordset for paging, you may want to consider one of the more efficient methods talked about in this article: If you are really married to utilizing the absolutepage property this way, we are going to need more information: -what provder are you using?

The code I am using is as follows Set topicsrs = Server. It overcame the problem so I did not worry about questions such as 'what is ADOR? ' etc, it just worked but unfortunately now under OLE DB it fails. Recordset, but has less options, less properties and methods compared to an ADODB. I'd rather take a look at the examples on using the OLE DB Provider that come with it. Connection and use an Ado DB.command to execute an insert with a parameter (untested code):' you already have con, I assume that is:'Set Con = Server.

(This was a limitation in ODBC which I hoped had been overcome in OLE DB but this does not seem to be the case from my desks and I have not found anyone on the boards to suggest otherwise yet). Active Connection = Contopics Rs.cursortype = 1 'ad Open Keysettopics Rs.cursorlocation = 2 'ad Use Servertopics Rs.locktype = 3 'ad Lock Optimistic "select * from mbtopics where ctopicref = '000000'",con' there will be no records return for this key! Add New'Looping through 254 characters at a time and add the data to Ado Field bufferdim i, liworkstring, listartat FOR i = 1 to len(lmmessage) step 254 li Start At = i li Work String = mid(lmmessage, li Start At, 254) topics Rs. I was usinginsert into mbtopics (mmessage) values (lmmessage)quite happily until I hit the 254 character limit in ODBC and replaced with the code above when I posted my original problem in here and it was suggested to do it like that to overcome the problem. I see a problem with using cursorlocation = 2 'ad Use Server and making that work with a record not existing.

Execute()A couple of subtle changes to your code in that I was forced to put double quotes on the parameter name, I had to prefix param1 with 'set' and I had to pass the length of the memo field.

I have a problem like current recordset does not support updating.

occuring error like "current recordset does not support updating.

this may be a limitation of the provider" Dim cn As New ADODB. Recordset Dim db As Variant Dim str SQL As String Dim w Sheet Name As Variant db = "\SIMPLAN-SWATHI\Users\mgt\dbdata.accdb" //Network DB path cn.

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