Couple meets for first time after dating for 5 years clubbing while dating

View Now Just because someone has a past doesn't mean they don't deserve a future.

That's the mindset of Homeboy Industries, an organization that provides hope, training and support to men and women once in jail or part of gang life.

Her comedy and life advice has drawn in a huge online audience.

We're big fans as well, so that's why we were so happy to have Tiffany speak to our RTM hosts about her comedy and her personal story of overcoming the odds.

A 28-year long search ended when the sisters connected on Facebook.

The sisters immediately set up a plan to meet, and will spend a month together reconnecting.

The singer and her 7-year-old son Egypt perform a duet to the song "Lean on Me." It's adorable too when Egypt turns around from his seat at the piano for a high five from mom after absolutely nailing those chord progressions! View Now A prisoner in a Brazilian jail is lucky to be alive.Here's the setup: Troy (#1 boyfriend) and Jennifer (the lucky girl) had been dating eight months when they buried a time capsule together.Into the cleared-out peanut-butter jar went cell phones, favorite songs and notes.via Ben Backer View Now Most people try to stay away from sharks but this model is posing with them.Photographer Ken Kiefer had his wife Kimberly pose with a school of sharks on a shipwreck in Nassau, Bahamas.

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