Costa rica womens roles in dating

Only 0.2 percent of women and 0.3 percent of men are infected.

Having fewer women than men infected with AIDS is usually a trend found in more developed countries.

Another indicator is the adolescent fertility rate, which is the number of live births per 1,000 adolescent mothers (ages 13–18).

For every 1,000 births in Honduras, 93.3, or almost 10 percent, were to adolescent mothers.

These indicators are the percentage of parliament seats held by women compared to men, and the percentage of women with a least secondary education compared to men.

Perhaps the most telling statistic on empowerment, the question "who is the decision maker" was posed to families in Honduras and 91.3% of those people answered the man was the primary decision maker vs. This response suggests that the root of the gender problem in Honduras is the idea of patriarchy being the only way to operate and that women should always be the followers and caregivers, but not the decision makers.

Many of these deaths come as a result of unregulated and illegally performed abortions which leave the women at great risk for infection.The overall comparison between the HDI and the gender inequality index would suggest that Honduras is performing better and progressing faster on gender issues than on general welfare.These changes have come as a result of social and political shifts in opinion on the role of women in society.The Honduran Supreme Court banned the use of contraceptives for emergency purposes in 2012, making the unlawful administering or receiving of it punishable in the same way as abortion.Teenagers must have parental consent in order to be tested for HIV/AIDS.

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