Cool usernames online dating sites

File this under obvious, but stay away from violent words when picking a name.Online dating is scary enough for a woman, don't creep her out before you've even messaged her.Neither does tacking a few numbers on before or after your name, or mentioning the city where you both probably live.In the crowded online dating arena, boring is the kiss of death.Use strong words to subconsciously convey that you’re a damn good catch.For example: If you go really Alpha with your username (i.e.

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You know the old saying about first impressions, and how you only get one chance to make them? You can have the most handsome, photogenic dating photo in the world, but tacking a horrible username on it has roughly the same effect as that iceberg had on the Titanic.Now let’s talk about the 3 most common mistakes guys make with their usernames, how to fix them (with examples).“” said no one woman ever.And yet that’s exactly the image usernames like “Lifetime Love4U”, “fit4another” and “lookin2committ” project.When you make your username about her, it gives the impression you don’t have anything positive to highlight about yourself.Most women want to date someone happy, vibrant, and fun to hang out with.

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